Dress Like The Hospitality Professional That You Are!!

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with a client at a Restaurant Management Career Fair. Looking around, the job candidates were looking sharp in their suits, shirt & ties, slacks, skirts, etc. They all presented very professional images.

As the client and I continued to talk, we both noticed a job candidate enter the event who appeared to be at once both prepared and unprepared for interviewing.

We could see he came well equipped with an envelope full of nice looking resumes (I made it a point to peek over his shoulder), a couple of pens, and a smile on his face. All signs of excellent interview preparation.

The problem was that he seemed to have left his sense of personal image at home. Continue reading “Dress Like The Hospitality Professional That You Are!!”

Before Posting Your Resume Online…

Do you really want your resume hanging out like a Peking Duck in the sun?

Posting your resume online sometimes means giving up more control over your personal and professional information than you may have thought. Before posting your resume online, here are a few things you should think about and/or do in order to protect yourself and your job if you are currently employed. Continue reading “Before Posting Your Resume Online…”

Hospitality & Restaurant Career Fairs

Restaurant & Hospitality Management Career Fairs (aka Job Fairs) offer you two great opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else in your job search — the chance to meet and interview face-to-face with restaurant management recruiters from multiple restaurants, hotels, or clubs in one place, in one day.

The second, less obvious opportunity, is the chance to quickly improve and hone your interviewing skills. This is the topic we will discuss here. Continue reading “Hospitality & Restaurant Career Fairs”